Let There Be Rock School's ADULT ROCK & ROLL BAND CAMP 2020!

This is already shaping up to be awesome. If you have ever wanted to learn to play or sing in a band or if you have been playing or singing your whole life this Rock School Adult Band Camp is for you! We are going to get started Sunday January 12th with band director Andre ' Virus ' Karkos who has an incredibly impressive Rock & Roll resume'. If you are interested in lessons they will be made available or if you are just looking to learn on your own and join a band that is available as well.

You will have a weekly band rehearsal with a dedicated band director and then it will all come to head with a live show at Tom & Jerry's. 

We are now enrollling so stop in / call or email for more info.

267-251-5294 / thedelcorockschool@gmail.com

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Find us: Let There Be Rock School-Delco

901 MacDade Blvd, Folsom , Pa 19033