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Let There Be Rock School-Delco serves as an exciting music program where we teach students lessons and give them the opportunity to play together in their own BANDS and then perform the songs they learn in real LIVE music venues. We work on ALL GENRES OF MUSIC- FROM COUNTRY TO THEATRE TO ROCK!  Here ROCK means ROCKSTAR no matter what kind of music you like!! The students have fun while reaching a high level of achievment, grow as artists and become leaders in their community as they learn important life-skills while being in a positive atmosphere. We have taken students to concerts so they can see how it's really done, have invited in Guest Instructors from well-known bands to work with the students and even introduced the students to Celebrity ROCK STARS!!


The programs give students more confidence, have taken them from hanging out to being in a productive environment, and even pulled them from situations where they may have been bullied and put them on a stage where thy can feel empowered. We treat the school like a Community Center where the students are allowed there any day of the week. They do their homework, collaborate wih other students and practice their instruments, meet to just have fun and enjoy forming lasting relationships. We hope this school enriches the lives of all of our students the way they have ours!




ALL ACCESS: Join this program and receive 1/2 hour lessons once a week. In these lessons students will work on material that inspires them to keep moving on. We take students at all levels and ages and will customize the lessons to your goals. This program is built to motivate students and keep them excited about music. Students are also welcome to come and enjoy the facility any day of the school week. They can play air hockey, listen to the juekebox, put art on our chalk wall, play with friends, do homework or collaborate with other students and practice their music.  All Access students also will be invited to all school events and shows.


VIP PROGRAM: VIP's get so much out of LET THERE BE ROCK SCHOOL's one of a kind program. Here students will have 45 minute lessons and then an additional hour BAND rehearsal where they will team up with other members who have learned the same song and rehearse together creating their very OWN BAND! Students in this program will then perform LIVE at our shows in REAL venues every few months. They will also have the opportunity to play at LIVE events that we book them for. Some in the past have been Street fairs and Fall festivals, the 104.5 Dadvail Regatta Boat Race at Boathouse Row in Philly, Gunners Run at the Piazza in Philly, and the Battle for Bailey 1st Anti-Bullying Event where the students provided all of the LIVE  entertainment. Of course these students receive all of the same benefits as the ALL ACCESS and enjoy full use of the school during business hours.


LTBRS BAND PROGRAM: this is an additional program exclusively built for a student who may want to come in just to join a band. Please contact us for all the exciting details about being in our LTBRS Band Program



ADVANCED ALL-STAR PROGRAM: This is a special program exclusive to LTBRS-DELCO. We take things to a whole new level here. Students will get anywhere from a 45 minute lesson to a longer one depending on your goals and budget. Students that are 18 and older and ready and wishing to pursue things as far as they can go will be trained here to do everything they need to know to try to achieve getting professionally into the Music Industry.  Our Head Vocal Coach and Owner Melissa Daley has coached one of her amazing students through Season 6 of THE VOICE on NBC! So exciting for the students and the school! The program is fully customizeable and can adapt as your goals change. Because each student has a different talent and unique goals please contact us to discuss how far we can take you. You must be accepted into this program and must audition. We are very creative with this program so don't be shy to tell us exactly what you want to do and we will design a streamlined plan and use all of our Industry resources and experience to give you the best chance to get there!


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